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Publicly accessible works
In collaboration with Hannes Bürgler

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In collaboration with Hannes Bürgler  > more



Catalog «BAUMFIGUREN», 2008
Catalog «glaskunstambau», 2007
Catalog «Works 2001 - 2004»
Catalog «Works 1999 - 2000»
ARCHIVE 1952-2019:
Monography and detailed biography with 221 coloured illustrations of works from the years 1952 to 1999 

Catalog 1   1960 bis 1983
Catalog 2   1983 bis 1986 
Catalog 3   1986 bis 1991
Catalog 4   1991 bis 1998
Catalog 5   1998 bis 2011
Catalog 6   2012 bis 2013 "Special" in the appendix
Catalog 7     1965 - 1980
Catalog 8     1981 - 1989
Catalog 9     1984 - 1985
Catalog 10   1986 - 1987
Catalog 11   1988 - 1990
Catalog 12   1991 - 1996
Catalog 13   1997 - 2003
Catalog 14   2004 - 2007
Catalog 15   2008 - 2010
Catalog 16   2011 - 2013
Catalog 17   2014 - 2016
Catalog 18   1970 - 1985
Catalog 19   1986 - 2019
Catalog 20   «Kinder von Hünenberg» (Childern from Hünenberg)
Catalog 21   «Menschen in Gesellschaft» (People in society)
Catalog 22   «Reiseerinnerungen» (travel memories)  


ARCHIVE: For more than 50 years, Alfons Bürgler has repeatedly collected his own pictures and drawings without showing them to the public. Often these were works that he had grown fond of and therefore did not want to sell. Often they were fleetingly thrown-down, but spontaneous sketches or experimental drawings and paintings. Many of them were photographed in autumn 2012 and are shown in catalogues 1 to 6. There are about 1400 illustrations, which are arranged chronologically according to years. Catalogues 7 to 9 also show older drawings and pictures. It should be mentioned that Alfons Bürgler used to sell many works without ever photographing them. All these are missing in his catalogue of works.

MEDITATIVE DRAWINGS: are also shown in the monograph by Alfons Bürgler. This way of creating was very important to him for a long time and is the basis for his further work. Some of them are shown in catalogue 4 and in the monograph.

PICTURES "ON LINNEN": From 1992 to 2000 Alfons Bürgler painted many pictures on linnen. Mostly with acrylic colours and mainly in small formats. Some of these pictures are shown in his monograph, others in the catalogue "Werkauswahl 1999-2000", some in the catalogues 4+5.

KINDERZEICHNUNGEN: During a year in Hünenberg and earlier in Steinen, Alfons Bürgler drew many children. Most of these drawings are "monotypes".

PORTRAIT DRAWINGS: Alfons Bürgler has repeatedly drawn or portrayed people in many places. He gave away most of these drawings.

REISE-ERINNERUNGEN: These are small-format, spontaneous watercolours painted by Alfons Bürgler on his travels. The catalogues 5+6 show some of them. Many originals can be found in the artist's collection.




Since 2001 Alfons Bürgler has carried out many large and small commissions for architectural art in private, semi-private and public spaces. He has executed numerous works of glass art alone or in collaboration with his nephew, Hannes Bürgler, Albligen/Bern.

See Catalog "glaskunstambau" on projects from 2005 and 2007

Hirslanden-Klinik St. Anna, Lucerne   2007 - 2012  > more
"Body writings" glass / Restaurant 
"Body writings" glass / entrance hall
"Wall object" wood / east wall, backlit / length 4.80 m
"body writing" glass / reception, backlit / length 14 m
"Body writings" Sliding wall / Restaurant
Painting hall / acrylic on canvas
"Figurine-objects" metal / entrance hall
Glass facades main entrance, reception desk, reception hall

Lucerne Hirslanden railway station    2009-2011 > more
wall painting, wall objects, glass walls, glass doors
Lucerne Hirslanden railway station  2012-2013
Wall paintings, partition walls, glass doors and glass closures
Medical Center Lützelmatt Hirslanden  2011-2012
glass closures and doors, wall objects


Einsiedeln Health Centre   > mehr
"Water feature" glass
"Walls stairwell glass
"Pictures and objects" on all floors

Hotel Rössli Hurden / Seerestaurant   2010    > mehr
"body writings" glass / entrance door and glass window to the lake

Zoo Goldau    > mehr
"Sea otter facility" protective walls at otter facility
"Glass wall 1" Reed, three parts
"Glass wall 2" oak branches and leaves, one-piece

Marketing Business Center, Pfäffikon   2006 - 2008
Interior design corridors, reception, cafeteria

Gymnasium Menzingen, Musikraum    2007
5-part wall object

Schoolhouse Steinen   2009
Interior design with children's drawings

Psychiatric Clinic Zugersee   2008
Wall objects, 16-piece work

Retirement home Steinen   2009
corridor design

Europaallee, Zurich   2014   > mehr
glass walls

Husmatt Steinen   2015
Tree figures and pictures

Galeriehaus Steinen  2017   > mehr
storey windows, mirrors, shower wall glass




Alfons Bürgler has taken many photographs on his travels, but others also at home in everyday life, such as the fruit or vegetable bowls from his kitchen in dried form. This has resulted in independent works of art. The photos give an insight into his manifold interests and ideas. 



Canton Schwyz / District Schwyz / Cantonal Bank Schwyz / Sparkasse Schwyz / UBS / Credit Suisse / Bank Reichmuth / Winterthur Insurance / Retirement home Acherhof Schwyz / Commercial vocational school Schwyz / Municipalities: Schwyz, Steinen, Meierskappel, Hünenberg, Illgau, Wallisellen / School Psychology Service Ebikon / various foundations / Migros Kulturprozent / WWF Schwyz / Kultur Brunnen / Tegimenta AG, Rotkreuz / Kantonsspital Luzern, Augenklinik / various medical and joint practices in Zurich, Zug, Schwyz, Steinen / OBC Suisse AG, Basel / WWBC, World-Wide Business Centers Zurich / Evangelisches Tagungscenter Boldern, Männedorf / Verein für Originalgrafik Zurich / OBC Suisse Airgate, Zurich Oerlikon / Gymnasium Menzingen / Europaallee, Zurich / Pricewaterhousecoopers AG, Lucerne / The Continuity Company AG, Zug / Gravestone cemetery Flums /Gravestone cemetery Schwyz / Commemorative plaque in the Urnerbergen / Private collectors



The "Malergast" project was initiated by the Hünenberg municipal council, and the Hünenberg Cultural Group invited the artist to use a large hall in the community centre as a studio during 2002. The community gave him a stipend for these twelve months and organized several events. In return, the artist undertook to document the life of the community and to open his studio once a week to anyone interested. Alfons Bürgler sketched and drew on many occasions and created a large number of pictures and objects in his studio, which were presented to the public at the end of the year.
For the artist it was an intensive and successful year in every respect. The community of Hünenberg also found the project a great enrichment.



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